1. hallowed-weiners said: I completely understand where you are coming from. I had this problem last year and I truly felt like I was being stalked by some girl who just wanted me to her friend…very intensely. I wouldn’t respond; it’ll only encourage her
  2. troubleeveryday said: dude….i hear you. so so much. I just avoid most girls these days, let them think i’m a bitch because they are so scattered and lame i don’t want to waste time with them. It seriously takes someone DAMN special for me to leave my house, even.
  3. autosuficiencia said: I wish we could trade places & I was in your position.
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there’s this girl who used to be good friends with one of my boyfriend’s best guy friends/also was in a band with one of his other guy friends, and i met her several times over the past year and half but never really “talked” to her that much because a. she never bothered to make much conversation with me and b. i never was interested in trying to get to know her because i just well wasn’t that interested…so we were both at said guy friends bday party and she talked to me for a bit, not even a deep conversation just small talk, and i gave her my # because she said “we should hangout sometime” so i was like “yeah ok, sure”..

she asked me to go to this street fair on haight st. but i was going out of town, also she spelled haight “height” which i guess could have been a mistake but it also the kind of mistake a person might make because they don’t know the right way to spell it….she lived off haight st too..anyways i really dislike street fairs so i would’ve declined, but now she keeps calling and texting me to do stuff like go to oakland to see her friend’s band and etc etc……….i dunno, its like all i knew about her was that she wasn’t ever very friendly with me, went to rehab cause she got hooked on heroin, played mediocre drums in my bf’s friends band, talked to me for 10m and told me how she doesn’t have many girlfriends and that we should hangout, then quit said band for some weird reason and now won’t leave me alone…

.i guess its hard to explain because it sounds like i’m being very superficial, but you have to be a very special kind of person for me to actively pursue being your friend, especially if you’re a girl because i don’t fuck around with bullshit girl drama anymore…i’ve been abused by too many “friends” in the past to put up with weird girl mindgames, and frankly if you’re not obviously going to be bringing anything unique to my table then i’m not going to take time out of my day to entertain you. now i feel like i gave some random guy my number and he won’t stop asking me out, only its a girl who says she just wants to be my friend…but i don’t make friends that way, its seems so inorganic, and i can’t help but be annoyed and weirded out that she’s being so persistent. everyone says i should just not respond until i see her and make up some excuse about how busy i’ve been, which is partially part of it as well..ehhhhh, phooey..

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