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ꉂꉂ꒰•̤▿•̤*ૢ꒱AYY YA’LL ENJOY THIS V RARE LIL UGLY MANE PHOTOSET((dReaMcAtcheR_tHUg))“ψ(`∇´)ψ⁞⁝•ֱ̀␣̍•́⁝⁞


Date a girl who hates. Date a girl who has hated since she began to live. Date a girl with 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer-thin layers. Date a girl that if the word hate was engraved on every nanoangstrom of those hundreds of millions of miles it would not equal one billionth of the hate she feels for humans at this micro-instant. HATE. HATE.

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wow it even has a tecate *perfect*

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The making of Street Fighter: The Movie videogame (1995) where the actors motions are being digitized for the game

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Jut chillen w my friends SQUAD and RANDU #punkfashion #beltaroundneck #VISIONARY #cigaretteholder

d’awwww I miss u guyssss


Jut chillen w my friends SQUAD and RANDU #punkfashion #beltaroundneck #VISIONARY #cigaretteholder

d’awwww I miss u guyssss

Anonymous asked: top 5 things not many people know about

1. the earth’s oceans
2. why cats make biscuits on u
3. quantum field theory
4. that eggplants are technically berries
4. female ejaculation


El Eden Canopy Zipline Tour at Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta

"The camp location [as seen in Predator] has been transformed into an eco-park of sorts with water activates, a restaurant, and the main draw - (at least for people that don’t travel all the way to Mexico just to see where Predator was filmed) is canopy zip line tours.
The park, El Eden, still has the original burned out Bell UH-1 Iroquois that Dutch blows up in the movie! Most of the original structures and stonework is still there as well.”

YOOoo hoLy craP i’ll deadass marry the 1st man who buys me a ticket to puerto vallarta & takes me here—idgaf i’ll give u back rubs & touch your wiener a whole bunch whatever, i mean they’ve got “major dutch’s camarones gigantes” on the menu for chrissake!!

I’m just gonna repost this cause I’m still not over it

ALSO I KNOW SNAILS ARENT BUGS OK I couldn’t think of another real bug so I picked a cool snail

ughhh i just wanna download an expensive accounting program for free but nnOOo,course it can’t be that easy >:/

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